Andreas Wijk

January 30, 2018

We still haven’t decided what this charming young man does better: sings or wears clothes. In any way the most popular male fashion blogger from Sweden has been declared about his talent in everyone’s hearing… and seeing! Being a model, singer and a media person Andreas is now also one of the most discussed hot topics in fashion circles while representing that very simple, clean and fresh Swedish style which is pretty placid and smooth, yet never the same. Today, we’re opening the curtains and letting you take a sneak peek into blogger’s daily life. Get ready to be fascinated right away!

The Fashiongton Post: Which one of the following would you assume your major line in your life: music or fashion? What did it all start with?

Andreas Wijk: Music was my first big interest. I don’t think I would have become such a big fan of fashion if I didn’t create my fashion blog. My interest for that has grown.

F.P.: Tell us little bit more about your daily life, what’s on your schedule every day?

A.W.: My life never really looks the same. I can be in the studio, write music at home, working with the blog, meeting friends… A normal week has those elements and at least once or twice a month I’m traveling somewhere for work.

F.P.: Would you share some of your plans with us considering new projects and things you work on these days?

A.W.: I have a big music project that I can’t wait to tell you about. It’s a secret for the moment though.

F.P.: What’s your motivation to get up in the morning? What does inspire you the most?

A.W.: God.

F.P.: How do you decide what to wear today and how does the “set the look” process going for you?

A.W.: It’s simple for me. If I need some blog material I spend more time to put the look together than usually, but if I am about to go out I can be ready in just a second.

F.P.: What are your favorite items for summer season? Among all the tendencies which one would you pick for yourself as the most favorite one?

A.W.: I love the sport fashion. The sneakers and the sport details are my everyday items. I will wear my tuxedo and running trousers. Weird mix, but I love it.

F.P.: What do you think has caused the success of your blog? What was the purpose of it when you first started?

A.W.: In Sweden blogs are huge. You can make a living out of it and when I created my blog I considered it as a good opportunity for my music and style to reach other people. After only a year I was working as a blogger…

F.P.: Fashion nowadays is truly sophisticated. How do you think a young fashionistas can find their own unique style staying true to themselves at the same time and not to get lost in so many trends?

A.W.: For me it’s just about wearing items that are comfortable. I love to try new things, but I would never wear something I’m not a fan of.

F.P.: How would you define Swedish fashion? What do people like to wear in your country? What’s the “Swedish style” about?

A.W.: Swedish fashion is minimalistic. Just by walking along the street it’s easy to see what the Swedish style looks like. People are aware of what they are wearing. It’s a simple and clean look.

F.P.: What exactly captures your attention in other people’s outfits? What’s the most important detail in a total look for you?

A.W.: The DETAILS. That’s what I’m always paying attention to. It’s all about the small details in the items.

F.P.: What a girl should wear to attract your “fashion” eye? How would you describe “a perfectly dressed” woman?

A.W.: I love when women dress feminine, but with a rough attitude…

F.P.: This is the time when designers are mostly being inspired by street looks for their collections insisting that actually people from the street create the fashion today! What do you think will be the next approach in this industry? How do you see the fashion of the future?

A.W.: EVERYTHING can be fashion today. I have no idea how that will develop.

F.P.: Do you have any other interests which people are not even aware of?

A.W.: Hmm… I don’t think so. I’m so thankful that I’m able to work with the stuff I love. Music, fashion, TV, radio…

F.P.:What has your heart surgery changed in your life? What are your main principles and dreams?

A.W.: Yes! I have changed forever. I have never experienced that kind of pain before and I’m so thankful that I’ve made it through. I can’t say that I have a new view of life, but everything I lived for and believed in before the surgery is now clearer to me.

F.P.: Describe Andreas Wijk for us, what is that we do not know about him yet? 

A.W.: I am a very happy guy. I love life and I am overexcited all the time. I love to be creative in every single way.

F.P.: What people do you work with?

A.W.: Unfortunately I can’t talk about people I am working with in the music project! But I can’t wait to tell you…!

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