Calvin Nymon

January 7, 2018

Calvin Nymon, a young designer from Paris, France, who discovered very early a passion for fashion. He always was fascinated by this environment, soon tempted by the idea of creating his own trends, constantly innovate and free his creativity. Calvin already had the opportunity to prove his qualities as a stylist to many magazines, both national and international, as well as with international artists.

The Fashiongton Post: Calvin, when did you first become interested in fashion?

Calvin Nymon: I like fashion since a young age. I can still see myself wearing some gorgeous dresses of my mother, playing with her vintage pieces. I loved those wonderful things.

F.P.: What inspires you?

C.N.: Inspiration is the people, as well as singing as it is a source of inspiration for me too.

F.P.: Who is your favorite designer?

C.N.: I admire Givenchy for his “avant-garde side”. The use of parts that are not imagine wearing this artist with the masterpieces. With him, I would talk about art, not only design.

F.P.: If you could be one article of clothing, what would you be and why?

C.N.: One of a basic wardrobe piece, the perfecto.

F.P.: Describe your typical day as a fashion designer and stylist.

C.N.: I’m just moving all day. I go from showroom to shop for parts that can be used in styling that I first conceived, then I take a break in a Parisian cafe and take this opportunity to schedule an appointment the next day. In the evening I look at all the pieces I have selected for a photography session for example, and then the next morning, after the night brings counsel and love to me after I rested a little, I make the outfits.

F.P.: Calvin, what do you usually wear on everyday basis?

C.N.: My style is casual: a lot of jeans, a still cap, I would also feel good in my sneakers.

F.P.: What fashion magazines do you buy on regular basis?

C.N.: “V” magazine Japan. Mainly, “Numero”, “Officiel”, “Vogue” and “Grazia”.

F.P.: What do you like the most about the fashion industry?

C.N.: Art.

F.P.: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

C.N.: I want to be editor-in-chief in NY with my claws always on hand.

F.P.: Who will be the fashion industry personality that you always dreamt to get acquainted with but did not have a chance yet?

C.N.: Italian fashion designer Riccardo Tisci

F.P.: Do you have any advice, fashion or life related, for young fashionistas and readers of ‘The Fashiongton Post?

C.N.: My one word: innovation. Please…