June 17, 2024

The “Illegal” cocktail, a modern creation, draws inspiration from the prohibition era, evoking the mystique of forbidden indulgence. Originating in the 21st century, this cocktail has become a symbol of contemporary mixology, skillfully blending bold flavors to create a unique and enticing experience. It reflects the rebellious spirit associated with the prohibition era. The Illegal cocktail has gained popularity for its distinctive taste profile, captivating the palates of cocktail enthusiasts with its intriguing combination of flavors. This concoction stands as a testament to the ongoing evolution of craft cocktails, embracing innovation and creativity in the world of mixology. The cocktail is named after the mezcal brand “Ilegal Mezcal,” which is one of its key ingredients.

illegal cocktail

The “Illegal” cocktail tantalizes the palate with a captivating blend of complex and rebellious flavors, weaving together a tapestry of intrigue that balances smokiness, herbal notes, and bittersweet undertones. It delivers a sensory experience that lingers, leaving a lasting impression of modern mixology’s audacious creativity.

IBA Category:
New Era Drinks

illegal cocktail


  • 30 ml Espadin Mezcal
  • 15 ml white rum
  • 15 ml Falernum
  • 1 bar spoon Maraschino Luxardo
  • 22.5 ml fresh lime juice
  • 15 ml simple syrup
  • few drops of egg white (optional)

illegal cocktail

Combine all ingredients in a shaker, shake energetically with ice, and then strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass or serve it “on the rocks” in a classic clay or terracotta mug.