5 Key Notes to Have in Your Perfume Collection

July 15, 2022

After consulting with the country’s leading perfumers, the editorial team of The Fashiongton Post has prepared for you the top five perfume ingredients that every good fragrance collection should include.


Bergamot is indispensable in perfumery, it is almost always considered to be the main element of all fresh and intense fragrances, being the only citrus fruit that is not found in food and is used exclusively in perfumery. It is not for nothing that perfumers consider this component as the basis of the foundations in perfumery.



Patchouli plays an important role in perfumery, especially in Asia, as it is one of the defining scents of Indian culture. Not only does patchouli have a distinctive smell, but it also has a sensation that pervades the emotional parts of the brain, which is why so many fragrances use patchouli to add a special charm to a perfume.



Vanilla comes from Mexico, but has long been actively used and far beyond its borders as well. Today, 80% of fragrances contain hints of vanilla. Like patchouli, it blends better with other ingredients and enhances other notes. Vanilla has a huge history and nobility in perfumery, so many perfumers use this fragrance in their creations.


Fresh herbs

Freshly cut grass, stems, leaves, closed flower buds… This is the decoration of the perfume. Some are natural, some are synthetic. It is a fantastic reminder of nature and rebirth.

Fresh herbsFresh herbs


The smell of leather, like a pair of your new boots or a leather jacket, is quite difficult to reproduce in perfumery. Therefore, perfumers use the very best ingredients — resinous and burnt notes, similar to the smell of natural leather. This fragrance can be both sexy and elegant, revealing and luxurious. Patchouli also pairs very well with leather, so both of these scents usually go hand in hand.