Golden Sands

January 23, 2018

“Meet me on top of the dune!” It’s hard to ignore the message that most of the designers send off from the runways. Deep shades of beige were literally pouring into the fashion capitals. It’s almost like there was a need to mute the contrasts and so the dark tan color which reminds the color of desert sands appeared to be one of multifarious palette all set to use. All you have to decide is which tint is going to match you best of all: sandy brown, earth yellow, field drab, sand dune. You wouldn’t believe how many tones of desert sands are widely used in your daily life! Take a look at least at your purse or favorite high heels shoes, they all probably have beige or so called “earth yellow” color shade which reminds you of the beautiful landscapes that you’ve already seen during the trip to Sahara or Kalahari Desert. Be the sand glass to collect all the colors and become one enchanting Goddess of the Sand!