Opera Gloves

April 3, 2020

Opera Gloves, as a dramatic and sophisticated accessory, was at the peak of popularity in the 1950s. During the plague and other pandemics, elongated gloves protected doctors and ordinary citizens from the contact with patients and from getting infected.

Creating the spring-summer collections six months ago, the designers were unlikely to think about a pandemic that would destroy the global economy and question the future of the fashion industry, and they certainly did not realize that opera gloves, like those the aristocrats wore in the 19th century, would become essential and an absolute bestseller of the season.

opera gloves trend

But it happened so that the coronavirus made its own adjustments to the fashion trends, and undoubtedly the main accessories of this spring are protective face masks and elongated gloves, as an excellent option to stay in trend even during these difficult times.

opera gloves trend