Pearl Earrings As an Old New Trend

April 11, 2018

The imperishable classic in the form of nacreous carnations finally found a replacement that did not make it less feminine, but on the contrary made it more unusual and modern. The pearl earrings come back this spring with a new style, along with huge asymmetric variants that we already know. Modest pearls as the most fashionable products changed their usual spherical shape and became several times larger.

Pearl Earrings Trend

A rich decoration, a combination of nacre and metals, as they say, all the best things combined in one piece. The pearls of a standard form also found their way, not in individual form, but in compositions. For example, cuffs studded with beads, threads with beads of different diameters, etc.

Pearl Earrings Trend

If earlier the pearls in the ears were a timid addition to the outlook, now all attention is focused only on those. Insiders of the past fashion weeks clearly demonstrated how to wear catchy earrings with pearly beads and yet not look too smart. Ladies now combine baroque pearls with sport hoodies, as well as with the bright dresses and trouser suits which made it possible to go with almost any clothes we wear on a daily basis.