Waterless Beauty

October 23, 2019

Many brands strive to make their activities more environmentally friendly and not to harm the environment, so the segment of the personal care products with anhydrous or reduced composition of water started to grow and develop. Such products as dry masks, dry shampoos, powdered products and solid serums could be vivid examples of this trend.

It can be cosmetics with a waterless formula – as for example powders, balms, oils, soap, or can be products which involve just a little amount of water during the production stages, such as cooling, washing, etc.

The pioneer in the market of the waterless beauty is the company named Lush. This progressive British brand manages to do almost everything in dry or pressed form.

In January 2019, Procter & Gamble also followed the global trend and announced the launch of a new brand of household chemicals and makeup products – DS3. All the products of this line will be waterless.

Unilever Corporation got concerned about the environmental situation as well, so it started the water-smart initiative, in terms of which it launched several special products: ’Day2’ which is a dry shampoo for clothes, ‘SmartFoam’ which is a rinse with a minimum amount of foam with no need to be washed off with water additionally.

Amore Pacific, a huge South Korean company, has set a goal to use 32 tons of rainwater for the production of their new beauty product line.

The Perfector Dreamy Face Moisturiser by Ethique Beauty

Perfector Dreamy Face Moisturiser

Honey Savior moisturiser by Farmacy

Honey Savior moisturiser

Vitamin C Serum by The Inkey List

Vitamin C Serum

Water Killer Dry Shampoo by Evo

Water Killer Dry Shampoo