Good After Nine

September 14, 2018

GOOD AFTER NINE is a brand based in Bangkok, established in 2009 by two designers, Chawanunt Thongpool and Tidarin Srisook, who love and have passion in creating novel, fun and unconventional jewelry. The brand’s concept is to design and produce naturalistic wearable jewelry that reflects lifestyle and can definitely become the part of the everyday adventures.

good after nine designers

The Fashiongton Post: How did you come up with the idea of the brand name GOOD AFTER NINE?

Good After Nine: Well, At first it comes from my nickname “Nine” and combination of ‘good after noon’ – Good after nine! The rationale behind the name is that our days usually start around 9 a.m. in the morning when we go to work, and the fun part usually begins after 9 p.m. Even though the time slots may differ, most people actually live their lives from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m.

F.P.: Where do you create/produce the jewelry: in-house or in the studio? Do you create them by your own or you already got the production team which you use for this purpose?

G.A.N.: All our jewelry is being created and produced in our studio. When we started the brand in 2009, I had just graduated from the faculty of ‘Jewelry Design’, and my partner Don’s major was ‘Metal design’. We designed together, Don usually took care of carving the prototype, and I used to do the color painted finishing. With our brand’s growth year after year, we have got our own production team with the high skilled and experienced craftsmen to produce our jewelry. Our studio is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Good After Nine

F.P.: Do you have a physical store where the clients can come and select/purchase the jewelry or only an online store?

G.A.N..: We have a physical store in Bangkok at Zen/CentralWorld and Siam Center. And we also sell online from our brand’s official website, of course.

F.P.: As we know, you have four main collections with unusual and cute names: 9АМ, 9РМ, 24/7 and 9ZERO. Why were chosen these specific names for the collections and what meaning do their names imply?

G.A.N.: 9AM/The looks of the Brightness/-Naturalistic motives, animals, flowers, novelty, dainty, fun, statement pieces, delicate hand-color painted finishing; 9PM /The looks of the Darkness/ – Skulls, mystery, gems, metal, gold plated 18k pieces, pink gold, black rhodium; 24/7 /Jewelry pieces that you can wear everyday, 24 hour a week/ – Minimalistic, everyday wear, abstract pieces. Also can be 18K gold-plated; 9ZERO /Endless ideas and variety of designs/ – Mix of such materials as Acrylic, wood, resin, colorful details and textures.

good after nine

F.P.: How did the idea to create jewelry in the form of the animals come?

G.A.N.: We love and adore animals, so those endless ideas come to us and follow us wherever we would go.

F.P.: Have you studied the art of jewelry anywhere or learned that by yourself?

G.A.N.: Yes, I graduated from the faculty of Jewelry Design at Silpakorn University and Don graduated from the Metal Design faculty at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. Both Universities are located in Thailand.

good after nine

F.P.: Do you have photos of the first created jewelry piece? And which one was that?

G.A.N.: Our first piece of jewelry was the Rabbit Ring. It is still the best selling one since the day of its creation.

F.P.: How did the idea come to combine enamel with gold?

G.A.N.: I think that gold and colorful enamel go well together, so it makes our jewelry look real and classy.

good after nine

F.P.: What inspires you when creating GOOD AFTER NINE jewelry?

G.A.N.: We were always inspired by nature, so it’s often one of the main themes of our jewelry.

F.P.: Please, share your memories, how it all began? Your first steps in jewelry? Who were your first customers?

G.A.N.: It’s hard to recollect in our memory the first customer, though I clearly remember the first jewelry ever made — I presented it to my best friend.

F.P.: Where do you usually ship the jewelry? What was the rarest country where you sent an order?

G.A.N.: The majority of our customers are coming from the USA and Russia somehow. And the rarest country was Guadeloupe, an insular region of France located in the Leeward Islands.

good after nine

F.P.: What would you wish to The Fashiongton Post readers and fashionistas around the world?

G.A.N.: We wish so our jewelry would continue impressing your imagination and keep your heart open for the new fashion vibes.