Thailand: The World Of Wonders

January 13, 2018

In the year of the technical progress and global communication it gets more and more popular to travel all over the world. Planes, trains, automobiles — it seems we have borders just on the geographical map. More and more tourists choose to change cold winter for a hot and sunny summer. Thailand, Egypt, Turkey — these are names of the popular destinations for the period of winter holidays celebration. So did we this year. Thailand? Hell, yes! Because the weather is almost perfect there at this time of year, there are numerous places to see, people are very friendly and apart from airplane tickets’ cost everything is extremely cheap there, so you can afford yourself a great rest and feel as a king.

Thailand is famous for its beautiful beaches and clear azure water of the Gulf of Siam. All the services are available on a beach — you can get beds, mattresses, umbrellas and different variety of food and drinks. All kind of water sports are available for a reasonable price. But apart from the beach rest don’t forget to join some excursions as Thailand offers you great variety of places and sights to see: The Grand Palace and Golden Buddha in Bangkok, The Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, Khao Phra Thaeo National Park in Phuket, different kinds of zoo and safari.

Thailand offers the wide variety of lady-boy shows: Alkazar, Tiffany, etc. A ticket to such a show varies from $10 to $40, and this could even also include a free drink.

Walking along the central streets, one can find all types of sexual entertainment. There is no such a sexual fun which won’t be represented on this street: go-go shows, boys’ town, lady-boy shows, disco-bars, clubs and so on.

One of the most exciting things in Thailand is that while having a rest at the different resorts or islands you can wear whatever you want and still stay fashionable. The simpler and lighter your cloth is — the better! Thai roads are not really good enough to run on heels, besides it’s not reasonable if you are going to spend the whole day outside. They have a joke there — if you see a female on high heels — she is from Europe! Though Thai fashion designers have something to show as well:

Almost all Thai people have tattoos and piercing. Here you can find the best tattoo masters. Many tourists come back home with the mysterious signs or mystical characters on their skin. And it won’t be just an ordinary tattoo — it will be a piece of art! In Bangkok you can see a large variety of different nationalities and styles. Thai women like to dress trendy and simple. Female youth gives a preference to bright colors and different accessories. Young Thai men prefer skinny jeans combined with casual shirts or T-shirts. T-shirts they wear usually have pictures of computer games’ characters, flags or Thai mythology. Such a trend for the T-shirt prints is very popular there nowadays.

Some tips for tourists exclusively from ‘The Fashiongton Post’:

Behavior: it’s a totally different world with a different culture, and we should respect that. It’s not allowed to raise your voice or argue, or generally to be too noisy. Thai people don’t respect that and it may cause you troubles. They can also put you to prison if you show disrespect to their king in any possible form.

Money exchange: the rate is almost the same everywhere, it’s just some banks that could have higher commissions. It’s better to change big bills not less than $50 or $100 as they have smaller rates for smaller bills.

Food and water: for sure you won’t starve in Thailand. The country offers a great variety of miscellaneous types of food and dishes. Thai cuisine is quite specific and spicy. So if you don’t trust your stomach — you have to be careful. Our advice is to try local fruits — Thai mango melts like honey in your mouth. Also you should definitely try their sea food. Many tourists are eager to try a famous Thai fruit called Durian. Its taste is really delicious and can’t be compared to anything else. We immediately want to warn you that it’s not allowed to bring it out of the country. One more little secret of this fruit is that you are not allowed to drink alcohol a day before and after tasting it — as you may feel yourself really-really bad.

No one can survive without water, especially in such hot Thai temperatures. We would advise you to buy water in bottles or drink cocktails only from cafes and restaurants. There are numerous markets or Thai-sellers offering you fresh-juice or cocktails at every corner on your street but it may not always be that clean and that healthy as you may expect.

In most cases going to a resort you will definitely have to stop or travel through Bangkok. This city, apart from being a capital, is also a great shopping centre.

Numerous markets offer products for all tastes. Bangkok is also famous for its markets with the copies of almost all world brands. Those are the night markets called Chatuchak or Patpong. Here one can buy a fake Louis Vuitton bag, Burberry wallet or Gucci watch, as well as something from the latest Tiffani collection which are here on the shelves on the right from Armani cufflinks!

And, please, note that to enter any Thai palace you should be dressed properly according to their rules. Ladies should have long skirts, blouses with shoulders covered and middle-sized sleeves, shoes with closed heels. Men should wear trousers and T-shirts or shirts with shoulders covered as well.

Thailand is the world of wonders. Let yourself be a part of fairy-tale… It is definitely worth seeing. Approved by ‘The Fashiongton Post’!