5 “Healthy” Foods That Harm Your Shapes

August 7, 2020

There are foods that seem to be good for your body and shapes, but that’s just an illusion, and with those types of foods one needs to be even more careful than with sweet cakes. You try to work out in the gym at least three times a week, eat low-fat foods, eat only cottage cheese with fruits in the morning and generally follow a low-calorie diet… but nevertheless, even with such a healthy lifestyle, your weight stays in place. There is a whole list of unhealthy foods that have a reputation for being good for your shapes, but actually lead to weight gain. Try to use them as little as possible if not refusing completely.

healthy eating

1. Fruit juices

Fruit juices can contain as much sugar and calories as sweet soda, if not more. Fruit juices are usually fiber-free and do not require chewing, which means that a glass of apple or orange juice will not have the same satiety effect as an actual apple or orange fruit. In turn, this will make it easy for you to consume large amounts of such beverages in a short amount of time, loading the body with sugar. Therefore, if you cannot give up juices altogether, limit yourself to 200 ml per day.

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2. Vegan burgers

Oftentimes, when we want to compromise on a healthy lifestyle and indulge in fast food, wonderful vegan burgers come to the rescue. And often you don’t cook them at home. Do not indulge yourself in hopes that the restaurants use exclusively whole grain buns for making burgers. As well as sauces — no matter how vegan they are, there will have hidden sugar in those. In addition, vegan ‘cutlets’ made from chickpeas or soy are also deep-fried, otherwise you won’t be eager to eat such burgers. In short, if you want to eat a burger that is harmless to your shapes, cook it yourself and try to put only really healthy foods in it.

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3. Salads

Vegetables are incredibly healthy. The problem is that they often don’t taste very good on their own. This is why many people use condiments and sauces to add flavor to salads, turning those wholesome dishes into body-damaging treats. Many salad dressings, especially those from the supermarket, are actually loaded with unhealthy ingredients like sugar, vegetable oils and trans fats, and a bunch of artificial chemicals. While vegetables are incredibly beneficial to the body, eating them with unhealthy ingredients will completely negate the benefits you could get from a salad. Be sure to read the ingredient list before using your salad dressing. Ideally, make the sauce yourself.

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4. Whole wheat products

Most whole grains are not made from whole wheat at all, but from flour. After grinding, the grains cease to benefit us. What’s more, nutritionists say they raise blood glucose levels just as quickly as their refined counterparts (such as regular white flour). In fact, whole wheat bread can have the same glycemic index as white bread.

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5. Whole milk

First, it contains a lot of lactose, i.e. the same sugar. Second, there is a lot of fat in whole milk, so with each glass you will consume more calories than you think. Skim milk, especially lactose-free milk, is not so bad for your shapes, though you need to remember that cow’s milk contains antibiotics that are given to cows to grow. These medical supplements remain in our body. Therefore, if you are not ready to exclude milk at all, try to use goat milk. There is less fat in it, so it is easier for the body to digest. Plus, there are no antibiotics in goat milk.