Why Salad at Night is a Bad Idea

April 30, 2020

Often, when we want to eat late in the evening, we choose a salad of fresh vegetables. Somehow it happened that this dish is considered to be dietary and healthy. Is that really so? The Fashiongton Post will clear up whether it’s true or false.

salad at night

Why you can not eat salads and fruits at night

Nutritionists do not recommend eating anything without heat treatment after five in the afternoon. The reason is that the digestive tract has a special rhythm: digestion is much more active in the mornings and slower in the evenings. It should be remembered that raw food is more difficult to process and it involves more energy spent on that. If the body does not cope with the digestion of food right away, then the process of fermentation will start inside of your stomach. Besides the risk of disease, the fermentation process inside also negatively affects your sleep, making it difficult to wake up fresh and energetic.

salad at night

At what time to have dinner

An evening meal should be easy to digest. Due to the specific rhythm of our digestive tract and its slowing down in the evening, dinner should be held as early as possible. It’s hard to tell the exact time, as it depends on your personal lifestyle. In those countries where it is common to have a late dinner and sit at the table until ten in the evening, people often do not have breakfast, because their body is still working on digesting the evening food.

salad at night

What to eat after 5 p.m.

In the evening, we recommend eating steamed, cooked or grilled vegetables. For example, those in Italian style — cooked with olive oil, or a salad of boiled beets, carrots and potatoes – these are good options!