Pointed Toe Sneakers, as the Most Controversial Trend

April 18, 2023

We live in the time when fashion is increasingly moving towards minimalism, simplicity and conciseness, but there certainly occur exceptions to this rule from time to time, such as for instance all the manifold of the so-called ‘ugly shoes’. We got used to the terrible crocs, clogs and ugg boots, which we used to be wary of, and it could seem that nothing would surprise us anymore. As it turned out in reality, this was not the limit, which we realized when the ‘pointed toe sneakers’ had appeared on the lists of the newest fashion trends.

Pointed Toe Sneakers

The pointed toe sneakers straddle the line between dress shoes and sneakers, a combination that — as fashion designers claim — will allow them to be worn as an alternative to uncomfortable classic shoes whenever an occasion or a party calls for a more formal dress code. A sharp toe was added to the classic running shoes and, as a result, the footwear was transformed into something that is not yet ‘dress shoes’, but at the same time can no longer be called ‘regular sneakers’, although they look quite elegant and comfortable.

Pointed Toe SneakersPointed Toe SneakersPointed Toe SneakersPointed Toe Sneakers