5 Summer Skin Care Products

July 17, 2020

In summer, a day cream with a dense texture ideally should be changed to a light fluid or serum. Extra attention should also be paid to skin cleansing. The Fashiongton Post recommends to use delicate products that do not dry out the skin — summer heat makes the sebaceous glands work in the enhanced mode, so add extra cleansing to your routine, both during the day and in the evening. When choosing a skin care product, preference should be given not only to moisturizing ingredients, but also to antioxidants.

Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid by Sisley

Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid

The tea rose extract in this fluid improves skin tone, smoothes wrinkles and removes dark circles. The cooling texture relieves swelling. The combination of padina pavonica extract, red wine polyphenols and chlorella algae stimulates the skin’s natural regeneration process.

Cold Plasma Plus CBD by Perricone MD

Cold Plasma Plus CBD

The revamped whey concentrate formula contains extracted, pure 99% cannabidiol isolate. CBD does not contain a psychotropic component, but it has a strong therapeutic effect. Cannabidiol moisturizes the skin and fights stress and acne, restores the protective barrier.

Hydra by Eisenberg


A product for those who live in a problematic urban ecology. The skin is under constant stress and needs hydration and protection. Hydra mask is suitable for all skin types and can be applied to the face, eye area and neck. The key ingredients of the formula are purslane extract and moringa seeds. The combination of these two plants relieves inflammation and irritation, as well as works as an antioxidant defense. The mask can be used by both women and men.

Elemis Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter by Elemis

Elemis Superfood

The transforming texture of this cleansing butter dissolves long-lasting make-up, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Butter’s comfortable texture suits every skin types. The product can be used as a cleanser, as a makeup remover, or as a moisturizing mask. The formula contains a large amount of antioxidants, polyunsaturated omega acids, vitamins and minerals.

Vital Skin Strengthening Super Serum by Kiehl’s

Vital Skin Strengthening

The new anti-aging serum, based on an adaptogenic herbal complex, increases the barrier and regenerative functions of the skin, which helps the skin to become denser, more elastic and less susceptible to negative external influences. The adaptogenic complex includes basil extract, ginseng root and lemongrass berries. In synergy, the components inhibit the oxidative process which is considered to be the main cause of skin aging.

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