5 Tricks From Men’s Fashion That Should be Added to Women’s Wardrobe

August 20, 2022

Fur Coat + Belt

men's trends

Winter frosts are still far away, but it’s better to prepare in advance. In the upcoming season, don’t rush to change your favorite fur coat for something else. If you’re already got bored with it after last winter, start girdling it with a leather belt, like at the Ernest W. Baker runway show. The fur coat will sparkle with new colors, and warm you better as well, due to the fact that with a belt it will fit more tightly to the body.

Coat + Overcoat

men's trends

Thanks to this new trend, you won’t have to choose one of your two favorite coats to wear this time… why not wear them both at the same time?!

Jacket + Jacket

men's trends

Before the cold sets in, you can try the same trick, but with two jackets.

Tie + Handkerchief

men's trends

Who said there should be only one accessory around the neck? In the new men’s collection, Hermès presented a logical continuation of the ‘neck mess’ trend — this time not with chains and pendants, but with a tie combined with a handkerchief tied around the shoulders.


men's trends

The beret is a key accessory in the new Kenzo collections. This headpiece will look spectacular with a pantsuit, summer dress and denim jumpsuit.