Neo-romanticism of This Summer

July 5, 2021

This summer, neo-romanticism is becoming one of the key trends of the season, which began to be noticeably traced in the collections of various famous designers yet at the end of the last year: puff sleeves, ruffles, frills, lace, translucent fabrics, delicate pastel palette — these are the main indicators of a new femininity.


Firstly, naive dresses and blouses look very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Secondly, after a long lockdown, it is difficult to ignore the heightened craving for formal dresses in everyday life. It is not surprising that after almost a year spent in home pajamas, we all want a little holiday party, tea at a blooming garden and a feeling of love… love of ourselves, and love of our outfits.

Neo-romanticism is primarily about slightly theatrical dresses and tops. In order to be modern and not evoke associations with a children’s matinee, you need to competently stylize such things using fashionable techniques.


For example, soft pink dresses can be paired with a bra top and a trendy micro-bag for a more modern Victorian silhouette. A zipped sundress can be worn over a lace pullover for an even more textured look. In addition, the aesthetics of neo-romanticism can be brought into a wide variety of styles — for instance, delicate puff sleeves can adorn a strict shirt dress, etc. For a harmonious look, complement it with a straw bag and minimalist sandals.

At the same time, don’t forget that no matter what outfit you choose, it’s important that the look is comfortable and consistent with your lifestyle.