Jacket Dress

June 22, 2019

In the midst of summer, a new spectacular trend appeared — the dresses which look like elongated jackets. Fitted silhouette, broad shoulders, marshmallow colors and extreme mini length – the perfect formula for parties or even for the office.

If you do not have the strength to wait for the new season until more designers will start creating something similar, you can beat the trend right now with the help of your favorite elongated jacket.

jacket dress

A short jacket dress is a great occasion to show off your long slim legs, if it’s your case. However, the owners of “non-model” legs can try on a longer jacket dress. Thanks to miscellaneous variations of the cut, almost everyone can choose “their own” style and type of a jacket dress. Oversized and double-breasted jacket dresses are perfect if you need to mask the figure flaws.

Jacket dress is not just versatile but also self-sufficient. So, in most cases, the creation of the outfit comes down only to the selection of suitable shoes and accessories. The perfect shoes for such a dress are definitely high heels. For a casual look, The Fashiongton Post recommends to choose the pumps on heels, and for the evening – select the sophisticated stiletto sandals to complement the total look.

jacket dress