Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself

February 10, 2018

Fashion has always served as a timeless form of art and self-expression, so it is no wonder that a certain style or type of clothing will help determine the way people perceive you in a society. Many people will be able to draw an idea on your spending habits, professional status, emotions, and sometimes even your personality by just your choice of apparel alone. This is why the decision you make in wearing a particular garment is quite crucial and vital because it can either seal or break the deal once you step outside that door. The reason for this is because clothing can help project either a good or a bad image of you in society. Your clothing can speak great amounts of you before you have even opened your mouth. Think about it, most of the time a person will be evaluated at first glance or as soon as they walk into a room. In other words, I can bet you 100% that when it is not based on their looks, that most of that evaluation that is being taken place is generally always left to be based on their clothes. Coco Chanel once said, “If a woman is badly dressed, it’s the dress we’ll notice; but if she is impeccably dressed, it’s the woman herself we’ll notice.” This is because when you choose the perfect piece of clothing that is made to fit your body it will display and highlight your best assets. Being able to dress yourself in a proper manner not only shows grace and confidence but it also shows others that you have a keen sense of style, taste and a careful awareness to your appearance. Whereas, when you are settling in wearing that particular attire that is completely out of your element, everyone will concentrate and judge you on the basis of the negative qualities of the outfit rather than on your great physical form and features. Always keep in mind that when an outfit is not suitable for either your age or body shape that it will surely diminish or hide your best attributes and as a result, it will make you look sloppy. This is something that is seen first-hand each time when fashion critics review celebrities on best and worst dressed. Now this is not implying in going out now to the most expensive store and purchasing high-quality designer clothing. No, while it is important to be well-dressed it is also beneficial to learn on how to be moderate in the way that you shop. Yes it can be a hard task but being cover from head to toe in complete logos is also a no-no. This will only make you look pretentious and tacky. See what I did there? I judged. Let’s face it we all do it, especially when it comes to the modern world of fashion. All in all, fashion will always have a significant role in our culture because it is the way in which we can identity and express ourselves. Thus, the rule of thumb to keep in mind is that no matter what people will always observe, comment and notice. Therefore, it is better always look sharp, classy and clean. Remember, that first impressions mean everything and that a well- dressed and polished presentation of yourself will speak higher volumes than you could ever possibly imagine. So the next time you step out the door… ”check yourself, before you wreck yourself!”

by Astrid Sarmiento