How to Measure a Shirt?

May 10, 2019

Often when buying a shirt online there’s a number of problems. Because of the huge variety of models offered, we are lost and the purchase of a seemingly simple thing turns into a real penal servitude. The Fashiongton Post will teach you how to determine the size of a shirt. It is crucial to do it correctly to look solid and inspire everyone around with your confidence.

The measurements of men’s and women’s shirts are different, though both have basic indicators that you need to measure. In regards to men’s shirts they are: collar, sleeve, chest, waist. And for women’s shirts — bust, waist, hips. Sometimes shirt manufacturers add such an indicator as length, but it is usually not that critical.

Measuring men’s shirt

collar measure

Sleeve measure

chest measure

waist measure


Measuring women’s shirt

bust measure

waist measure

hips measure