How to Use Night Makeup

April 8, 2020

Depending on the circadian rhythms, the skin works differently during the day and night. At the daytime, the effect of such cosmetics is aimed at protecting, microcirculating and producing sebum, and during the night time – at restoring. The most important is that the skin loses moisture and becomes more permeable specifically at night. Normal skin has many basic and aesthetic needs: to withstand oxidative stress and hypoxia, to eliminate stagnant vascular phenomena, to fully relax and have time to restore their strength during sleep.

The skin regeneration process begins around 11 pm, intensifying and lasting until two or three in the morning. This is due to the production of melatonin – the main nocturnal hormone which neutralizes the destructive effects of oxidative processes. Partly because of this, it is crucial not to delay the application of the night care to be able to cover the entire regeneration period. The skin should be cleaned and it is better to use a minimal amount of cosmetics, giving preference to light texture products or night masks. The best time for the night care is from eight to nine in the evening, before going to bed at 22:00.

night makeup

Beauty experts do not deny that day cream can also be used at night but there are some components which are much more effective and safe specifically at night. For example, cosmetics with melatonin or retinol and acids. Typical representatives of nocturnal components are stimulants of melatonin production; acetylcholine inhibitors helping the skin to get the best relaxation; high concentration hydroxyacids for epidermal renewal; flavonoids, responsible for the formation of new lymphatic vessels and protection of the existing ones from oxidative stress; glycation-fighting amino acids.

night skincare

As to the retinol and acids, they are also good for the use at night due to their photosensitizing effect. In addition, the metabolic and regenerative processes are more active at night, so it is more appropriate to use it before bedtime. For the same reason, the cosmetics with components suppressing the activity of melanocytes is also included in the night care; as a rule, they contain many antioxidants which contribute to the restoration of damaged cells.