Brutal Or Accurate? Men’s Hairstyle Trends

February 4, 2018

The most popular hairstyles of the current season of fall-winter are definitely “Hitlerjugend” and “Undercut”, both of which are characterized by the distinctive and strict lines.

The hairstyle “Hitlerjugend” came to us from the 80-th when it made a splash – every second or third young man, who followed fashion trends, felt his duty to “wear” this hairstyle at least once. The main feature of this hairstyle was the hair shortened to a minimum at the nape and temples, and the small hair canopy overhanging above the ears. The hair lengths at the back of the head and the temples should be the same, and the slightly elongated bangs usually combed (or even “licked”) on one side. This hairstyle will be even better if to add hair parting being shaved as a thin and straight line, which will make it easier to style the bangs on one side, as well as give a haircut even greater accuracy that is so actual in the created by us fashion look.

The hairstyle “Undercut” has some similarity with “Hitlerjugend”, which may confuse some philistines, but if to look closely, the difference can still be easily seen. “Undercut” combines chaos and rebellion in conjunction with accuracy and precision. This hairstyle came to us from the time of gangsters and Prohibition, and allows to make the total look in some way serious and brutal. Hair at the nape and temples is being shaved much shorter than in the previous hairstyle, and in addition to this there’s no smooth transition on the sides. Long bangs should be combed back, from forehead to the crown. As additional styling tools, the same as with the previous hairstyle, I would advise to use the appropriate laying gels and hair wax.

And of course don’t forget about our male “make-up”, as I call a beard and mustache. Beard and mustache will fit these two hairstyles the best and complement the brutal look they create. As a completion of the fashion look, you may use sunglasses chosen from the following shapes: wayfarers, brow-liners, aviators. Stay fashionable during this season of fall-winter 2013/14 and try at least one of those described in our hairstyle trends!