Pixel Clothes, to Feel Like a Game Character

September 25, 2023

New season brought us the new surprises. This time a Spanish luxury fashion brand “Loewe”, which usually makes an accent on leather goods, perfumes and accessories, created the mind blowing trend which can be ‘retro’ and ‘innovative’ at the same time, and you may agree that it’s a kind of a rare combination. The pixel clothing line, which creates a unique optical illusion, as if you are a fantastic game character, or a future descendant of a new civilization, who flew to us from the distant year of 2113.

Pixel Clothes

The designs on the hoodies, T-shirts and pants mimic the contours and textures of fabrics as if they were rendered in low resolution. The pixelation of old games is a cult feature and is already adored by many fashionistas. Such clothes have a chance to become the next super-trend for a couple of the upcoming seasons, which will appear more than once in the new collections of various designers. Take a closer look at this trend, perhaps this is exactly that missing detail in your look this fall.

Pixel ClothesPixel ClothesPixel Clothes