June 1, 2024

Savatiano grape variety is originated in Greece, specifically in the region of Attica. The grape is known for its adaptability to the Mediterranean climate and is often cultivated in vineyards with rocky soils. The grape variety has ancient origins, has been cultivated for centuries, and is valued for its good balance of acidity and flavors.

Savatiano grape variety


Savatiano wines typically exhibit a crisp and refreshing profile with prominent citrus notes, including lemon and green apple, providing a lively acidity. The grape’s expression often includes herbal undertones, offering hints of Mediterranean herbs like thyme or oregano. Additionally, Savatiano wines may showcase a subtle minerality, contributing to their overall complexity and making them well-suited for both fresh and aged styles.

Savatiano wines

Food Pairing

Savatiano wines pair well with seafood dishes, such as grilled or baked fish, salads with fresh herbs, light pasta dishes, or vegetable-based Mediterranean cuisine. Overall, Savatiano wines enhance the dining experience when paired with dishes that mirror the freshness and vibrancy of the grape’s flavor profile.

Savatiano wines