5 Tips on Eco-friendly Personal Care

May 6, 2020

In the current realities, more and more manufacturers of cosmetics have already begun to think about the environmental impact, producing products with environmentally friendly components, or using eco-packaging. If you want to turn your personal care routine into a more conscious one, The Fashiongton Post has prepared some useful eco-friendly tips that you will definitely enjoy.

eco friendly

1. Use environmentally friendly sponges

The use of cotton pads for the face has long been a common thing for us and at first sight there is nothing to worry about. In fact, the statistics on their use and processing are terrifying: every day on Earth, people use about 1.5 billion cotton pads. They pollute the soil and oceans, and the time of decomposition of cotton pads is about 90 years. In addition, many makeup sponges dry the skin and violate the pH level, as they contain alcohol. As an alternative, we recommend using reusable sponges in your daily care which do not harm the planet. This can be a konjac cleansing puff made from the roots of a “snake tree” or an eco-friendly cosmetic disc.

eco friendly

2. Recycling or Reusing

If you are used to cleaning products in glass or plastic packaging, remember that they can always be recycled, just make sure that the bottle from the product is empty and clean before you take it for disposal.

eco friendly

3. Choose products in ecological packaging or without it at all

Many beauty brands offer their products “by weight”. And if you cannot find such ones, then you should pay attention to cosmetics in environmentally friendly packaging. It can be later safely disposed without harming the environment.

eco friendly

4. Reduce your running water intake

When you brush your teeth, wash your face, or take a shower, try to save water. This will not only positively affect utility bills, but also reduce irrational consumption of the planet’s water resources.

eco friendly

5. Use environmentally friendly ingredients in your products

Try to buy such cosmetic products which do not include aggressive components: parabens, synthetic flavors, ethanolamines, silicones, phthalates, propylene glycol, talc and formaldehyde. They not only badly affect your skin, but also negatively affect the environment.