5 Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System in 15 Days

April 19, 2020

How to most effectively strengthen the immune system? Since this is especially crucial at the present time, The Fashiongton Post decided to share with you five tips on how to strengthen immunity in just fifteen days.


Antioxidants in Food

Antioxidants can provide invaluable support to the immune system because they reduce the number of dying cells and contribute to the formation of more white blood cells, which fight infections by destroying bacteria.

Antioxidants also play a key role in repairing damaged DNA and triggering regeneration processes in the body. The main source of antioxidants is food, so we recommend adding berries, dark chocolate, artichokes, coffee, beans, green tea, apples, tomatoes, green vegetables and oily fish to your diet.



The active component of garlic – allicin – has antibacterial properties and helps to prevent diseases and infections, as it reduces inflammation and allows the immune system to work as efficiently as possible. We recommend adding garlic when cooking or taking it in the form of additives.


Constant movement

Regular walks at a brisk pace increase the circulation of white blood cells. The main task of these immunocytes is to destroy pathogens that provoke diseases. A similar positive effect can also be achieved through the regular gym training because it raises the pulse and body temperature, thus becoming another important component of success in hunting for bacteria. However, keep in mind that after 75 minutes, any high-intensity workout causes a surge of hormones that can weaken the immune system, so the balance between low and high intensity is the key to success.


Healthy night sleep

Healthy sleep in combination with a balanced circadian rhythm system contributes to the development of anti-inflammatory cytokines and killer cells. Thus, your body’s ability to fight infections will increase.



Vitamin D — to maintain skeletal health and calcium absorption;

Glutamine — to maintain the functioning of the intestines and the immune system, as well as restoration processes in the cells;

Vitamin C — to restore balance and relieve fatigue;

Zinc — to activate T-cells which support the proper functioning of the immune system, eliminate the symptoms of colds and flu;

Echinacea — this plant has antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Echinacea is very effective in maintaining the immune system and has a powerful adaptogenic effect which increases the body’s overall resistance to harmful influences.

Adhering to these five recommendations from The Fashiongton Post for 15 days, will allow you to significantly strengthen the immune system and bring health to your body and skin.