Asian Girls Makeup

January 19, 2023

Eye shadows

Asian eyes are less about adding dimension, and more about creating an even effect from your lash line toward your brow bone. Due to the shape of an Asian eye, sometimes liners and mascaras smudge or transfer below the eye, or onto the actual lid. One of the best ways to combat any smears — is with an eyeshadow primer and applying a thin layer underneath the eye.

If you like the contrast of a sharp cut crease, the technique can be achieved on the lids. You should try to keep the most of the definition on the outer portion of the eye and add a product little by little and blend it. The best approach when applying, is to focus along the lash line first, and then work your way up. One more trick is in using cream and then powder. Such a duo combo works very well together. Shadow creams can be layered first, then powders on top to hold the color. Shimmer shadow adds more of that dimension when the light hits. It’s important to follow the shape of your eye and accentuate it according to your personal eye shape. Tip: cream shadows have a primer already set the formula.

Asian Girls Makeup


Since Asian eyelashes are generally pretty straight and point downwards, a good eyelash curler is the key. It is worth the investment. Here you may try Eyelash Curler by Surratt Beauty — it’s flatter and it really hugs all the lashes on a mono lid. This type of eye lash curler is one of the easiest ways to define your eyes. Start by curling your lashes correctly. Curl your lashes with a lash curler at the root of your lashes. Think, root, root, root and hold upward. This creates a ‘C’ technique that makes a perfect curl instead of a bent ‘L’. No one likes a bent ‘L’.

False lashes are the best thing invented for Asian eyes, so they have all the chances to become your secret weapon for opening up the eyes. If you want a very natural look, suited for all types of lashes, we may recommend Fake Lashes by LoveSeen because they specialize specifically in Asian lashes.

Asian Girls Makeup

When it comes to mascara for Asian lashes, it’s very important to find a mascara that is lightweight but still defines your eyelashes enough, so that it doesn’t take away the curl of your lash. If you want the mascara to stay longer, you can then use mascara primer to set your lashes after the curl, and only then add mascara itself.

There’s no greater satisfaction than perfecting the eyeliner you did, this alone can be your signature eye look, because this eye shape lends itself beautifully to a cat eye. Take the eyeliner and place it at the outer corner of your eye and just work your way towards the inner side of the eye. Liquid eyeliner by Kat Von D gives an instant eye definition, whether you’re creating a wing or not. This liner is a true black, and we all love a true black color for that. Tip: to intensify the definition of the lash line, you should line the eye with a brown or black pencil at the root of the lash line. This will give the illusion of a denser lash line once mascara is applied.

Asian Girls Makeup


We all know that the shape of the brow can really enhance the face. The Asian brow style is heavily influenced by South Korean makeup trends which highly value natural beauty. As per this trend, you should fill your brows with a color that doesn’t differ much from your hair color. The straight shape becomes the best option since it gives off a beautifully natural look. Lighter colors are applied evenly and smoothly to create a more natural appearance with softer lines. Tip: using a hair spray can really improve your brow game up!

Asian Girls Makeup


We all love the dewy and natural “no makeup” look. Highlighting is a great way for guiding definition. When trying to understand contouring for Asian faces, it’s easier to highlight first in order to understand where the natural bone structure is, and only then apply the highlighter. Always remember the high parts that jump out (top of the nose, top cheeks, cupid’s bow and inner eye) — that will make it easier to know the dimension needed to create the definition you want.

Asian Girls Makeup


Use a water base primer, which will give your skin a glassy look. Choose a lightweight product which will give a glow tint to the skin while keeping a buildable effect. As one of the recommendations, you may try the foundation by RCMA Makeup, which would be just great for Asian faces.

Asian Girls Makeup

Lip stain & lip tint

Asian girls are the masters of “kawaii” (cuteness) and they love to do a great lip pout. A pigmented lip can be pretty versatile, as well as a fresh bold full lip of color. Lip stains get absorbed by your lips’ outer layers which gives a natural look. If you’re looking for something lightweight, long-lasting and nourishing, try Dior Addict Lip Tint.

Tip: use your finger in the center of your lips and work your way out towards the outer parts of your lips. For best results, apply on clean lips over a layer of hydrating lip balm or lip mask. This is going to accomplish a much loved no-makeup look with a hydrated lip.

And some more secret tips at the end:

  • do a deep cleanse once a week, by using a foam cleanser or cream;
  • exfoliate before applying makeup;
  • always use a hydrating mist before applying make up.
  • only tap your skin and always go up with gravity, and never rub the skin downwards.

Amy Chin