Top 5 Makeup Primer Alternatives

November 29, 2020

The primer — is the most important step in creating a flawless make-up, as it provides a smooth surface for foundation application and is the key to the success of the entire beauty look. The primer hides any imperfections of the skin and helps make-up stay firm throughout the day. However, there are times when you ran out of the makeup base, and there is simply no time to go to the store for getting a new one. Fortunately, there are several other products that you can use as alternatives.

But there is an important nuance: whichever of these products you use, follow this rule — after applying a real or an alternative makeup base, it is recommended to wait a few minutes and only then apply the foundation. The editorial team of The Fashiongton Post will talk today about how to replace your face primer with an existing alternative.

makeup primer

Day cream

The basic day cream will moisturize the skin and create a thin layer on the face that will protect the dermis and prepare it for tone application. Some girls consciously choose a cream instead of a makeup base with a note that it is suitable as a primer (just for emergencies). Such a product is absorbed faster and evens out the skin relief no worse than a classic foundation.

bb cream

BB or CC cream

Multifunctional products with a melting texture not only mask imperfections of the skin, but also care for it. BB (beauty balm) and CC (color correcting) creams combine the functions of several products at once: day cream, primer and foundation, since they contain useful plant extracts — moisturizers and pigment. For the experiment to be successful, such a cream must be a shade lighter than the foundation, and have the same texture of a cream, gel or fluid.

aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel + moisturizer

The two products can be used separately as a makeup primer, but the best way to create the perfect combination is to mix them together. The cream is responsible for moisturizing and protecting, while aloe vera reduces acne and inflammation (if any). You will have a sticky enough product to hold your makeup long and keep the dermis comfortable throughout the day. This is a good option for owners of both dry and oily skin.


Oil-free sunscreen

Regular oily SPF cream will not work as a primer, but its oil-free alternative is a worthy replacement. This sunscreen does not leave behind stickiness, oily sheen and gives a more matte finish. It creates a barrier between the skin and harmful ultraviolet rays, and if you choose a formula with moisturizing ingredients, the skin will receive complete care, while remaining fresh and healthy.

After shave

After shave balm

Suddenly? But effective! Yes, the most common aftershave balm, which you can borrow from your boyfriend, will really help create a good foundation. In extreme cases, this tool can replace the makeup base, because it works the same as the primer — evens and mattifies the skin, and at the same time removes irritation and eliminates greasy shine.