Skin Fasting

April 14, 2020

Refusing to use cosmetics for a while is an idea that is becoming increasingly popular. This innovative trend already has a name – skin fasting, which is essentially an analogue of the intermittent fasting that you already know, but for your skin. Cosmetologists and dermatologists are convinced that cosmetic fasting can be beneficial for the skin, because it allows it to independently start the regeneration processes. By abandoning cleansing, serums and creams, you help the protective barrier of the skin to heal itself. Then a logical question here would be: how can this be correct if cosmetics also promises to “restore and protect”? This is partly true, but when there’s too much of cosmetics and if you layer one cosmetic product on another, due to the abundance of preservatives and solvents, the protective barrier may suffer. In this case, temporarily abandoning cosmetics is a really useful idea.

skin fasting

Is it necessary to remove all the cosmetic products from your regular care? Not at all, because some cosmetics is still required, and for each skin type it’s different. For example, neglecting cleansing is not very useful, especially if you live in the city and use sunscreen or makeup. They must be washed off at the end of the day.

Sunscreen is important for any type of skin, since UV rays are far more dangerous to your health than any makeup. For the skin with acne, exfoliation with acids and retinol are mandatory, which keeps the rashes under control.

To summarize, skin fasting will definitely be great for (1) sensitive skin which reacts to any makeup, (2) young and problem-free skin, as well as for (3) those who feel that a passion for the use of cosmetics has gone out of control.

skin fasting