Why Do You Need Blotting Papers

December 29, 2022

Facial Blotting Papers have long been a must-have in any season — they are the secret weapon against oily skin and can improve your daily lives, as well as keep makeup flawless both on a hot summer day while outdoors and in a cold season after you entered a well-heated room.

What are blotting papers?

Blotting papers are mattifying wipes or special cosmetic papers for oily skin which will instantly correct the situation, eliminating excess sebum and the oily sheen associated with it. They are conveniently and compactly packed, can be taken with you anywhere, and fit in any handbag or even inside of a pocket. Blotting papers will be at hand at the right time to refresh the skin and create an even coating, without an unpleasant shine.

How to use blotting papers?

Lightly apply a blotting paper to the skin and hold for a while to absorb excess sebum and remove all traces of oily sheen. In no case do not rub your face with it, you just need to get wet shiny areas. The product is primarily intended for use in the T-zone of the face (forehead, nose, chin). In just a few seconds you skin will be matte, clean and radiant again. The Fashiongton Post selected four blotting papers tested by our beauty specialists, so you could try them out:

Plein Air Blotting Papers by Hermès

Blotting Papers

Papier Matifiant by Chanel

Blotting Papers

Invisimatte Blotting Paper by Fenty Beauty

Blotting Papers

Aburatorigami Blotting Papers by Tatcha

Blotting Papers