Summer Skincare

July 17, 2022

In summer, the skin is exposed to increased negative influences: polluted air, temperature fluctuations, dryness and humidity, as well as active solar radiation. All this depletes the skin, so the seasonal beauty routine needs to be adapted to the sultry and hot season.


Your skin needs additional and intense hydration in summer, as in the heat we wash our faces more often, and the skin dehydrates much faster. For a constant and intensive saturation of the skin with moisture from the inside, choose skincare products with a light texture and marked as “hydrating”. Hydration draws water to the cells, binds it to the right layers of the skin and keeps it inside. The most popular hydrating components are multimolecular hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

To achieve the effect of the most hydrated, healthy and nourished skin, it is not enough to use a hydrating cream in the morning and evening. For the desired effect, the level of skin hydration should be maintained throughout the day, renewing the cream on the face after each wash. As an option, a moisturizing spray-mist with micromolecular hyaluronic acid can be sprayed on the face even over makeup. It will help maintain an optimal level of humidity even in a dry air-conditioned room.



In summer, due to active solar radiation, skin cells are more susceptible to oxidative stress. Free radicals destroy cell membranes, collagen and elastin. As a result, wrinkles appear, the skin loses its tone, and the complexion worsens. Antioxidants can solve this problem. Of the must-haves for the summer, we highlight vitamin C, vitamin E, and niacinamide. These components work as invisible bodyguards, effectively neutralizing the damage from free radicals. In combination with SPF, they qualitatively protect skin cells from premature aging.

The use of highly concentrated serums will protect the skin throughout the day, and at the same time effectively eliminate the signs of skin aging, stimulate skin regeneration, and even out the tone of the face.


Acids and retinoids

AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid) will help control sebum production and cleanse the skin of impurities. They weaken the bonds between the scales of the stratum corneum of the epidermis, providing effective and gentle exfoliation, and also stimulate cell renewal. Particular attention in the summer should be paid to care products that contain salicylic acid, since it blocks inflammation, reduces sebum production and penetrates deep into the pores to cleanse them of impurities.

Salicylic acid works great in combination with glycolic acid, which evens out skin tone and texture. But be careful — the products with salicylic acid are often aggressive, as BHA acids work deeper in the skin, and therefore the correct proportion and the presence of components is very important.

Retinoids in summer skin care fight age spots, superficial and deep wrinkles, improve skin texture, tone and color. To make your summer routine as safe as possible, you need to transfer all the active ingredients to the evening, but alternate acids and retinoids, without using those in a row. In the morning it is better to give preference to antioxidants. Protect your skin with SPF 50 before leaving the house and reapply every two to three hours thereafter. And, of course, do not use acids and retinoids on damaged or inflamed skin, as well as in case of sunburn.