Skin Procedures to do in Summer

July 22, 2021

During summer, our skin requires just as much care as in winter, so the editorial team of The Fashiongton Post decided to help you figure out what procedures to do in summer.

In winter, we protect our skin from frost and cold, and in summer it requires protection from ultraviolet radiation and additional moisture. Unfortunately, women sometimes neglect various procedures in the warm season, considering them harmful or useless, but this is wrong. It makes sense to suspend overly aggressive procedures which require a long recovery period and additional protection, but there are procedures which are, on the contrary, best preferred in summer.

skin injections


Many procedures from this list are best done in summer. For example, biorevitalization, which will not only solve the problem of dehydration, but will also retain water and moisturize the skin, keeping it firm and elastic. Contour plastic also goes well with the summertime, but it’s not recommended to inject botox and immediately fly to the sunny islands, since it tends to dissolve when exposed to high temperatures, so if you decide to get rid of wrinkles, do the procedures at least ten days before the planned vacation.

skin peelings


This type of skincare is necessary at any time of the year, while in summer it’s not recommended to do deep peels, giving the preference instead to superficial cleansing. During the summertime, dust and dirt accumulates especially quickly in the pores, which can provoke an exacerbation of rashes in the summer.

Apparatus procedures

Apparatus procedures

It’s not recommended to do laser hair removal during the period of active sun, as this can be fraught with skin burns. But non-injection mesotherapy, various apparatus massages, vacuum therapy, microcurrents, cold wraps, hydrotherapy will just benefit your face and body, helping to survive the active sun and improve the appearance of the skin.

summer skin care

Active sun depletes the skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated, which can cause premature wrinkles. Therefore, when going for a walk in the open sun, be sure to bring with you a hat and SPF protection.