Bright Colors in Makeup

May 25, 2019

The art of make-up got tired of nude tones this season and felt the urgent need of a riot. Fashion designers, accordingly, felt nostalgic for the glamorous 80s and the rave of 90s. All this transferred to the beautiful and fresh combination with bright wide-shouldered blazers, boiled jeans and the eye makeup in bright colors.

Bright Colors in Makeup

The iridescent eyebrow shadows have been substituted with the matte monotone applied with a neat brushstroke on the mobile eyelid, and the form of a thin pencil stroke around the eyes. The skin is clear and radiant, eyebrows are combed with a transparent gel, lips are smeared with balsam. Nothing extra. This bright accent is intended to create a bridge between the reality and fantasy as a fragile balance, and the bright colors are a smart escape from reality of the NYC offices and busy city streets. This is our joyful recognition of where we really want to be now.

Smart Cult Eyeshadow Palette by KIKO

smart cult eyeshadow

Douro Single Eyeshadow by NARS

nars cosmetics

Clinique & Jonathan Adler Lid Pop in Aqua Pop

Jonathan Adler

Ombre Premiere by CHANEL

Ombre Premiere CHANEL