Bright Future. Total Natural Look

January 12, 2018

New forms, textures, colors – the makeup created for shows always amazed and inspired. For a while, “Smokey Eyes” have been the undisputed trend on the catwalks. It could be matte, glossy, or with a textured gloss blended with the blush on the cheeks, or go beyond the line of high-brow, and, of course, went through all the colors and shades. So how does the favorite of many seasons look when the naturalness reigns the fashion? Yielding to the naturalness, it became transparent and no longer hides the natural lines of the eyes. The definitive black color which was typical for “Smoky” was replaced by a more loyal gray or brown color, which made this makeup to look not aggressive but sexy. And now this sexuality got softness and thus femininity which’s consistent with the requirements of the future season in fashion. Perhaps only Frida Giannini (Creative Director of Gucci) has remained true to the classic podium make-up.

Another permanent trend – the arrow, has acquired a playful curve, adding coquetry to the image. The arrow’s color became an expressive gray instead of black.

Scarlet lips are of course matte. Combined with pink and gold shadows or a simple and natural eyes’ makeup, they help to create luxurious images in the style of 40s of the last century.

The general trend – an ideal color of a face. Flawless light skin tone, countours of the face are traced clearly enough, and due to the warm shade of the color correctors, the makeup looks very naturally. Eyebrows also have a natural form: this season they are wide, thick and long. Two trends can be seen in the shades of blush – warm coral, giving the face a healthy freshness; or cold pink, highlighting the aristocratic whiteness of the skin. Lips of a bright natural color, matte or with a slight sheen, necessarily emphasizing the eye color.

A new trend – the shiny face. We have used not to powder the face that thoroughly, and keep a light sheen on the cheeks, and now the stylists suggest using special oils for a glossy effect on the entire surface of the face. The skin seems to be super-hydrated and tempting.

Stylists had to stay creative within the confines of a total naturalness, so even the creative makeup products reflect the classical ideals of beauty of Ancient Greece or evoke the thoughts about the harmony of unity.