Color Blocking

March 18, 2020

If this season you have already tried wearing a discreet color blocking as a combination of white with black, beige with caramel – now it’s time for truly explosive colors. People dressed in lively shades symbolize universal unity and striving for a better and brighter future which is so necessary for us now.

color blocking trend

To look trendy and match such a style, you should abandon the variegation in dresses and give preference to the creation of large color blocks. Differing in saturated tones and seamlessly matching with each other, they will provide that unique brightness and color harmony which is exactly what color blocking is valued for. The style of color blocking when creating outfits requires compliance with a number of mandatory rules, ignoring which will lead to the real colorful frenzy.

color blocking trend

If you would like to try this trend on yourself, then The Fashiongton Post recommends you to bear in mind the following little rules:

  • All the elements of the outfit should be selected in a laconic minimalist style. It’s necessary to abandon any decors, ruffles, and embroideries. Only strict lines and rich juicy colors;
  • An equal intensity when choosing the colors. The color blocking looks very impressive if all the elements of the outfit have the same depth. You shouldn’t combine muted colors with rich tones – otherwise the color blocking style will lose its uniqueness and become simple and boring;
  • The right combination of colors: saturated blocks of rainbow colors should be used in a limited number. Ideally, just two-three colors. Two of those can be the main ones, and the third can act as a connecting accent;
  • Colors should be compatible. The color blocking style requires a careful selection of shades, so it makes sense to explore the features of the color wheel or remember the arrangement of the colors in a rainbow.

color blocking trendcolor blocking