Creating Stylish Vignettes

September 22, 2018

One of the easiest ways in which to add designer style and panache to your home is to arrange objects into vignettes. A vignette is defined in the design world as grouping beautiful things on a flat surface, to create interest in your abode. Practically any piece can be used such as vases, books, jewelry, flowers, photos, baskets, and personal mementos. Beautiful and meaningful items can be grouped upon coffee tables, side lamp tables, a dresser in the bedroom or even a window sill. The lovely thing is that it is entirely up to personal choice as to what you decide to group together in a creative way. It does not matter if you are in a grand house or in a petite apartment in the city. Vignettes can be created to suit any environment and to any taste.

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A well-styled table vignette is a dynamic way in which to add interest, personality and character to your home. The items you choose to add to your vignette do not need to be expensive or elaborate. It is not about high-end designer objects. It is more about how you choose to arrange them to fit your own style.

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The easiest way in which to begin a vignette is to decide on the central piece or anchor. This could be a lamp, bold vase or a lovely photo frame. It is entirely your choice. This will be your focal point. From there, it is about layering other pieces to create interest and drama — such as with accessories like a stack of books, candles, or smaller pieces. A really great tip to keep in mind is to group items in odd numbers. This seems to create more impact.

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Mixing the textures of objects in a vignette, such as shiny accessories with wood or glass, is a way to keep things interesting. Creating a common theme though the pieces grouped together: such as fashion items, or even a vacation theme is a great way to create a cohesive display. You could also use color to tie in your vignette to the rest of your room. Vignettes are an amazing way to change things up in your home. It is simple and fun, you can change vignettes quickly to suit your changing moods and taste. Ultimately, creating a vignette is about trusting your own style and having fun with it.

Jeaneen Kelly for The Fashiongton Post