March 11, 2021

Felt — is a material made by means of felting wool. The material is being felted around by hand. The main one for making felt is the wool of animals, mainly sheep, goats or rabbits. The upper layer of hairs has scales that adhere to each other under the influence of steam or hot water. Then sheep wool is laid in thin layers on a cloth, the soap is rubbed on a grater and is poured with hot water, then shaken until completely dissolved. The resulting hot soapy mass is applied to the wool. Patting with a palm, the hairs gradually get felted. To increase the density of the fabric, one or more layers of wool are sometimes applied and the felting procedure is repeated. It is simply impossible to describe the entire list of the products made of felt — scarves, tops, jackets, hats and much more.

feltfelt hat