Complete Guide to Argentinian Clothing

April 15, 2024

The national clothing of Argentina reflects its diverse cultural heritage, while modern fashion elements add a contemporary twist. The Fashiongton Post decided to take a closer look into the fascinating world of Argentinian attire, exploring their iconic national garments.


Guide to Argentinian Clothing

The Gaucho, Argentinan cowboys, have played a significant role in shaping the country’s cultural identity. Traditional Gaucho clothing includes the bombacha, loose-fitting trousers, the chiripá, a piece of cloth worn around the waist, the wide-brimmed sombrero, and some more authentic elements which all together complete the iconic Gaucho look.


Bombacha pantsBombacha trousers

Loose-fitting trousers traditionally worn by gauchos for horseback riding. Characterized by their wide, baggy design, they provide comfort and flexibility, and their distinctive style has also gained popularity as casual wear in various regions.


Chiripá overpants

Chiripá is a type of wrap-style skirt or loincloth worn over trousers, being often made from colorful and patterned fabric, and is secured around the waist with a belt.


Rastra beltRastra argentina

Rastra (also known as “cinch”) is traditionally worn by gauchos, serving both a functional and decorative role in securing their loose-fitting pants and contributing to their distinctive attire.

La Pampa

La Pampa hat

La pampa (also known as “chambergo”) is a wool hat with wide flat brim, shallow flat crown with chin cord or ornament.



The poncho is a ubiquitous part of Argentinian heritage, worn by both men and women. Originally of indigenous origin, the poncho is a rectangular piece of fabric with an opening in the center for the head. It comes in various colors and patterns, representing different regions and cultural influences.

Guide to Argentinian Clothing

Argentina’s clothing culture is a captivating blend of tradition and modernity, reflecting the country’s diverse history and contemporary influences. From the iconic Gaucho attire to the vibrant streetwear scene in Buenos Aires, Argentinian clothing is a dynamic expression of the nation’s rich culture.

Guide to Argentinian Clothing