How Perfume Can Affect Your Mood

December 15, 2022

By selecting certain combinations of fragrances, you can affect a person’s behavior, interact with his or her feelings, and even provoke a person to take specific actions. In professional perfumery, a set of such combinations is called a perfume wardrobe. Same way as when you choose certain clothes and accessories for a specific event — different fragrances are appropriate for different situations. Smell is the simplest way to reconfigure yourself. After all, the reactions of each of us depend on the mood, but the mood can be switched using certain aromas. Therefore, for example, when you go on a date, more likely intuitively you will not use vetiver perfumes, as it is more suitable for situations where you have to make difficult decisions or solve difficult problems. We think you will agree that this is not the best state for a romantic evening. Fragrances have been a very broad topic since ancient times and contain many extraordinary secrets.


Smells create olfactory anchors, in other words, a certain combination of aroma + memory, which always exist only together. Over the course of life, our brain forms a map of smells where these anchors are stored. Every scent we encounter is recorded by our brain. An average adult has about 10,000 of such records. Our subconscious uses these records very actively: when we smell a familiar aroma, it provokes not only our recollection, but also immersion in an emotional state corresponding to this memory. For example, the aroma of fresh pastries is associated with home comfort, and the aroma of mandarins is associated with the onset of Christmas and New Year holidays. What fragrances are in your perfume wardrobe?