How to do Your Makeup in 5 Minutes

January 2, 2021

Nowadays, makeup on the go, in transport, or in a cafe, has long ceased to be something outlandish, but has become the norm. The commute to work or a business meeting at a coffee shop can be time-consuming, so why not spend that time on makeup, saving precious minutes for sleeping or spending more time with your family at home?! But you definitely have to keep in mind that the makeup on the go has unspoken rules: you have to use only creamy textures and a minimum number of brushes. This means that you can safely leave your favorite liquid eyeliner at home.

How to do a daytime makeup in 5 minutes?

makeup on the go

Step 1 — even out the tone

Many French women do not like to use foundation in a daytime makeup, so they hide imperfections of the skin with a concealer to match the face. Concealers should always be applied to places where the skin is thinnest, i.e. darker due to the proximity of the capillaries to the skin surface. Makeup artists apply their favorite concealer to the area under the eyes, around the nose, nasolabial folds and around the lips, and then spread the product over the face with a damp sponge. You can moisten the sponge with a mist or thermal water that will fit in your purse.

makeup on the go

Step 2 — blush and highlighter

In a daytime makeup on the go, it’s important to use creamy textures: firstly, for powders you need to take a lot of different brushes, and secondly, it will be extremely difficult to properly distribute dry powders in transport, so the makeup can turn out to be “spotty”. Use only a creamy blush that can be applied to cheeks and blend in with the same sponge you used to tone. Apply the creamy highlighter with your fingers  — thus it will look as natural as possible.

makeup on the go

Step 3 — eyebrows

Use an eyebrow pencil with a brush on the other tip — this is very convenient, because you can visually thicken the eyebrows, and then style the hairs and blend all the lines so that the makeup would look very natural.

makeup on the go

Step 4 — eye makeup

Instead of black, we recommend to give preference to shades of burgundy, khaki, copper and bronze, as they look less “rough”, as well as literally emphasize any eye color, making it brighter. In addition, the bronze color fits perfectly into any look. Apply the pencil along the natural curve of the eyes. Do not be afraid that the line is not straight — you may then shade it with your finger, creating a fashionable shaded arrows.

makeup on the go

Step 5 — lip makeup

For a daytime look, French women often choose matte nude lipstick, which you can apply without a pencil and not being afraid that the contour will be uneven, as this can always be hidden by shading the lipstick contour with your fingers.