How to Preserve Dyed Hair Color?

April 10, 2020

Under the current worldwide quarantine due to pandemic, The Fashiongton Post will share with you some tricks and pieces of advice on how to preserve the dyed hair color while you have to stay at home the most of your time and cannot go to your favorite hair salon. As one of the options, some special cosmetics for dyed hair, such as protective sprays, will definitely help to preserve the color. They contain antioxidants, UV filters, and thermal protective ingredients which protect the hair cuticle from damage. Such products also protect the hair from overheating during styling and leaching of color.

Preserve Dyed Hair

Washing should be as gentle as possible: standard shampoos for colored hair will not work, as they dry the scalp and wash out the color. It is better to choose sulfate-free formulas. Also, hair experts agree that daily washing contributes to a quick loss of color and gloss. If you cannot avoid frequent washing, choose the most gentle products.

Moisturizing the hair is also an important step. Air-conditioners with an oil-saturated composition or special masks will do it the best.

Preserve Dyed Hair

For long-lasting hydration and shine, indelible care products are suitable: serums, creams and oils. They will also help maintain color brightness for a long time. And finally, you should have in mind that of course it’s impossible to slow down the hair growth, so your roots will grow back in a few weeks. What to do in this case? Use the color correctors! Fortunately, such products are not uncommon. They contain a pigment which masks your native hair color and gray hair too.