Scented Candles With Meatballs From IKEA

September 18, 2023

ikea meatball candle

What is popular Swedish furniture and decor giant IKEA famous for except furniture and decor? You probably know the answer — of course, that’s those iconic meatballs which are so popular at IKEA food courts inside of their supermarkets. Being first added to the menu in 1985, they are loved by people everywhere in the world since then. Served with mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam, HUVUDROLL meatballs are as Swedish as it gets. Every year, they are eaten and loved by millions of people.

ikea meatball candle

Besides the fact that IKEA already sells them in a frozen form, they recently surprised their fans even more by creating a scented candle with the scent of those signature meatballs. The main idea behind these limited-edition candles was to enable customers to replicate the IKEA experience at their home by bringing together “the sensory shopping experience in one compact box.”

ikea meatball candleikea meatball candleikea meatball candle