The Heady Scent of Cherry by Tom Ford

December 29, 2018

Tom Ford has released a new fragrance with an intriguing name – “Lost Cherry”. As it is obvious from the title, cherry has become the main and brightest note in the composition, and it is quite surprising for those who are familiar with the designer’s traditional perfume lines. More common notes for Tom Ford’s fragrances would be the aroma of tobacco, vanilla, leather… and it’s the first time when the fruit and berry notes were presented.

Together with cherry, you will feel the subtle notes of tonka beans, almond, wood, liqueur, rose, jasmine, patchouli in a pleasant and unusual mix. Here, at The Fashiongton Post, we find the new fragrance as a quite interesting one – the aroma is not too sweet, as it may seem when you first hear the list of ingredients.

Lost Cherry