Metallics In Home Interior

February 9, 2018

Metallics adds a hit of luxury to classic decor and is back in the design spotlight this season. Gold is one of the hottest re-vitalised trends to be seen in the interior design industry. Accessories, such as candles, cushions, chandeliers and even paint finishes.

One can incorporate metallics in a mirage of different ways, such as with throw cushions and window treatments. Or by using new or antique metal handles and hardware on kitchen cupboards or even living room side tables. Brass lights are particularly back in fashion, most significantly mid-century style hanging pendants, which can be brought new or even better, vintage.

The more design daring can go dramatic with this trend by using wallpaper or evening painting a wall, with metallic paint or gold patterned wallpaper. Metallics is definitely a way in which to make a fashionable statement in your home.

Silver has made a comeback it is chic and distinguished, cool and sleek. It is seen in decorative bowls, fabric and candelabras. Essentially, it is a timeless metal that has a mirror-like finish. Most significantly it can be easily mixed into any room scheme. A little silver can go a long way, smaller pieces such as vases or sculptures can add a lovely element of luxe with the smallest touch. Chrome a variation of silver, has been one the most favoured metal finishes in furniture design in the 21st century. It has a cool, innate rock-n-roll vibe. Chrome screams; luxury, cutting edge, speed and modernity all in one.

In essence-gold can be seen as decadent, silver is generally lavish and bronze can bring a rich warmth to any decor. Metallics instantly add the wow factor to any home. They create drama and light up each room. This is one design trend that is beautifully gender-neutral, as everyone loves the high-end vibe metallics instantly create. Incorporating touches of gleaming gold and chrome is a glamorous and sexy way to freshen up a decor and incorporate luxury into everyday life.

Jeaneen Kelly, Interior designer & stylist