Towards The International Standards

February 9, 2018

Every year the Ukrainian fashion steps closer and closer towards the international standards, starting to play at the same level and under the same rules as its older counterparts. And thanks to such events as Ukrainian Fashion Week, Lviv Fashion Week, and Kiev Fashion Days, the fashion in Ukraine becomes national.

The main trends of the Ukrainian fashion in the upcoming season going to be naturalness, harmony of traditions and a portion of rebellion, use of the symbols of freedom and patriotic values, combination of classic cut with its soft lines along with more daring and bold silhouettes. Among the most relevant and popular colors of this season will dominate the black and white mono tones, red in all its diversity, from cozy burgundy and garnet to stunning coral and amaranth, combined with the classic gray, blue, and silver colors.

The Fashiongton Post proud to introduce you the key players on the Ukrainian market of the fashion industry, show you their latest collections, as well as to present our traditional top-list of the Ukrainian designers from each of those events visited by our editors during this amazing season of fall/winter.

Ukrainian Fashion Week

Andre Tan



Victoria Gres

Valery Kovalska


Julia Aysina

Elena Reva

Lviv Fashion Week


Marta Wachholz

Inna Ihnatievska

Natasha Tsuran

Tatiana Tur

Golda Vynogradskaya

Kiev Fashion Days

Lia Syn

Omelya Atelier

Ksenia Schnaider