Mules shoes

January 21, 2018

A mule is a style of shoe that is backless and often closed-toed. The name “mule” when applied to a style of shoe comes from the Latin word “mulleus” which referred to a type of ceremonial shoe. An increasingly popular choice, not exclusively worn by women, for men as well, mules can be sporty, like mule sneakers or elegant, they can land somewhere in between. They can have high heels, low heels, or chunky heels, but if the backs are open and the toes are closed, they are considered mules. In the early 1950s, Marilyn Monroe popularized the shoe and helped to break its poor reputation because by the early twentieth century, mules were often associated with prostitutes. Mules are popular amongst the ladies because they’re convenient and suitable for almost every occasion: what can be easier than sliding a shoe on and off? In a world where women’s shoes often have all sorts of straps and buckles and confusing ways to put them on, it’s a comfort to know that there’s a type of shoe you can just slide into.