Nike Launches Swimwear for Women Who Wear Hijab

December 20, 2019

Not so long ago, Nike surprised and pleased with its new collection two industries at once: fashion and sports.

The hijab and swimsuit that completely covers the body are made of lightweight, breathable fabric that can dry quickly and protect against UPF40+ solar radiation.

nike swimwear hijab

Such a swimsuit will be available along with a separate hijab, tunic and swimming leggings. New swimwear options came after the 2017 Nike sports hijab for Muslim women.

The company began developing a sports hijab after several Muslim athletes complained about the inconvenience of wearing a traditional headscarf during the competition.

The design of the Nike Victory Swim Collection meets a wide range of needs, from modest benefits to sun protection.

nike swimwear hijabnike swimwear hijabnike swimwear hijab