Watch Inspired by Poisonous Puffer Fish

February 20, 2020

Swiss luxury watch brand Rado unveiled their release of the new watch model made of the black polished high-tech ceramic and designed by Ayako Suwa, a Japanese food artist and designer.

Ayako’s main source of inspiration is “conceptual food”. Through the Food Creation project, she explores how the aesthetics of different cuisine can influence the works of art. Rado True Thinline Toge watch is inspired by the poisonous puffer fish, and the word “toge” (とげ) itself means “thorn” from Japanese. According to Ayako Suwa, due to this fish’s taste and the fact that people have long been attracted to the dangerous beauty, fugu is now one of the main delicacies in Japan.

Ayako Suwa

The result of this amazing collaboration between Rado and Ayako Suwa is in the black watch, the dial of which repeats the rough skin of fugu, and the golden hands are created by scanning the real puffer fish needles. Rado True Thinline Toge watch is released in a limited edition — only 1,001 pieces.

Rado True Thinline TogeRado True Thinline TogeRado True Thinline TogeRado True Thinline Toge