Oxygen Hair Therapy

February 21, 2020

Oxygen hair therapy is becoming increasingly popular as the means to care for curls and scalp, as well as to restore the hair health.

oxygen hair therapy

Oxygen therapy is a medical and aesthetic treatment that helps to improve hair condition. The flow of pure oxygen is directed to the roots, which further stimulates the renewal of scalp cells.

The actual procedure is carried out by an airbrush. With its help, it becomes possible to achieve the decomposition of any substance into micro- and nanoparticles: the apparatus produces a fine mist of oxygen, which penetrates into the pores.

airbrush therapy

In addition to the airbrush itself, special means are also used in oxygen therapy:

– pH 5.7 cleansing lotion completely dissolves the impurities present on the skin. All parts of the head are worked out with an airbrush, alternating oxygen with lotion. Then the hair needs to be covered with a hot towel for ten minutes;

shampoo with a pH 5.0 is applied for the second stage of purification, which helps to remove the residues of dirt. Apply it for a couple of minutes and rinse with water again;

– revitalizing lotion is the last phase of care. After it’s done – proceed with a ten-minute head massage and dry your hair.

All the products listed above contain amino acids, natural extracts, therefore they are suitable for almost all types of hair. In rare particular cases, cosmetics are selected individually.

oxygen hair therapy

Oxygen therapy stimulates cell metabolism and proper circulation of the scalp, thereby preventing the aging. Thanks to oxygen therapy, the roots receive useful substances from the composition of care products, for example, keratin.

To prolong the effect, The Fashiongton Post advises repeating the procedure of oxygen hair therapy every six months.