6 Simple Ways of Good Hair Care

March 5, 2020

We inherit the thickness and structure of hair from our relatives. So, if you have fine hair, turning it into incredibly thick will not work. However, to keep curls healthy and beautiful as in shampoo advertising – is quite possible and completely in your power. The Fashiongton Post will share with you some simple do’s and don’ts of hair care.


hair care

Wash your hair when it’s dirty

Many of you repeatedly heard that the head should be washed as rarely as possible. However, this is a bad tip, especially for those who have excessive sebum. Sebum accumulation is an ideal environment for fungal reproduction. Through the fungus, the scalp is inflamed, peeled, and leads to the appearance of dandruff. To avoid this, wash your head on time. Do not wait for 2-3 days, hiding dirty strands under your hat or twisting your hair in a ponytail.

comb hair

Comb your hair before washing

To wash tangled hair is a pretty nerve-wracking exercise. You won’t be able to wash it properly, and the strands will fall out more intensively: wet hair is the most vulnerable. So, don’t be lazy and brush it before washing.

hair care

Wash your hair under the tap, not under the shower

Under the tap, water will wet the hair and scalp better, and the shampoo (or another care product which you are using) will be ideally distributed in strands, unlike under the shower when you need to tilt your head down. Therefore, give the preference to a tap.


hair care don'ts

Abuse by various means of care

If you do different hair masks daily, the strands will not become more lush and strong. Instead, there’s a chance you easily overload your hair and cause irritation of the scalp. For better care, choose the care products from one line and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations: if balm is to be applied to wet hair, there is no point in rubbing it into dry hair.

hair care

Go to bed with wet hair

Using a hair dryer less often is a good habit. But to go to bed with a wet head – no. Wet strands are more vulnerable than dry strands, so they are easy to damage and break when they come into contact with the pillow or when you spin while dreaming. If you wash your head in the evening, count the time: you need to dry your hair completely before you go to bed.

split ends

Try to treat split ends with care products

It’s impossible to recover the split ends. There are brands of care products that promise it, but in fact the split ends can only be glued together for a while. The only way to get rid of that is to cut them. So, it is better to spend money on a good hairdresser than buying such a haircare product.