Spring Hair Care

March 25, 2020

Hair care cosmetics are not inferior to skincare in terms of the innovation: producers nowadays do not limit themselves with the goal of their shampoo only to clean and the conditioner only to soften. Modern hair care lines have the same rich compositions as the most advanced facial products. The Fashiongton Post will help you to make a spring wishlist and advise what to pay attention to during this spring.

mariam quevedo

Hair growth stimulation: Black Baccara by Miriam Quevedo

A Spanish brand Miriam Quevedo released a series of new hair and scalp care products which combined several innovations at once. Firstly, the extension of the hair growth phase. Secondly, anti-aging care, as the scalp and hair also age. Thirdly, the shampoo, mask, serum and remedies are made according to the principles of clean beauty and do not contain a single controversial component. On the contrary, the ingredients include plant stem cells, amino acids, vegan keratin, peptides and ingredients that protect hair from urban pollution and damage.

oribe cosmetics

Healing boosters: Power Drops by Oribe

If you need effective facial care with targeted action, then this is definitely a serum or booster. Today, this format also exists for hair as the concentrated therapeutic agents with a powerful composition and a wide spectrum of action. The collection includes 3 concentrates: a color protection activator for dyed hair, a recovery activator for dry and brittle hair, and a moisturizer for all hair types. The compositions have everything you love: hyaluronic acid for moisturizing, linoleic acid for enhancing the hair cuticle, vitamin C for antioxidant protection, moringa extract to protect against urban pollution. You may use these products separately – applying to wet hair after washing, or add to other hair care products such as conditioners, masks, etc.

kevin murphy cosmetics

Hair care for universal needs: Kevin Murphy

A hair care line by the celebrity hairdresser Kevin Murphy. He is the one responsible for the hairstyles of Kylie Minogue and Cate Blanchett. His product line includes a sealing shampoo Plumping.Wash, a radiant styling spray Shimmer.Shine, and other products for moisturizing, healing, as well as texturing and styling. As is typical of the Australian brand, the compositions of all products are natural and with light textures.